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Aaron Rodgers just received a market-altering contract offer from the Packers, per report

With Aaron Rodgers torn about where he wants to play next year, it appears the Packers are trying their best to make his decision easier and they’re doing that by offering him a boatload of money. 

According to, the Packers have made a “significant long-term contract offer” to the four-time MVP and it’s an offer that’s so big that it will “alter the quarterback market.” Although the report doesn’t mention the exact terms of the deal, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to learn that the contract offer is worth the kind of money that would make Rodgers the highest-paid player in the NFL based on average annual salary. 

The current title of highest-paid player belongs to Patrick Mahomes, who signed a 10-year, $450 million extension in July. If the Packers’ offer is truly going to alter the market, then the new deal would almost certainly have to pay Rodgers more than the $45 million per year that Mahomes is making. There was a report last week that Rodgers could end up getting nearly $50 million per year in a new deal with the Packers and it’s looking like that might actually happen if he decides to return to Green Bay. 

The fact that the offer leaked out actually makes the Packers look good, because if Rodgers decides to leave, Green Bay can just point to the offer and say, “We did everything we could to keep him.”

For the Packers, the one huge upside to giving Rodgers a market-altering deal is that it would actually help them with cap space for 2022. Under his current deal, Rodgers has a cap hit of nearly $47 million for the upcoming season, but if he gets a new contract, the Packers could probably shave $20 million to $25 million (or more) off that cap hit. 

According to Over the Cap, the Packers are currently $26.4 million over the projected 2022 salary cap, which means a new deal with Rodgers might be enough to get them salary cap compliant without making any other moves. That being said, they will need to make more cap room, because they still have to get Davante Adams under contract. If Adams gets tagged, his one-year deal would take up $18.42 million in cap space. 

Rodgers has been saying for weeks that he’d like to make a decision about his future by the time the franchise tag deadline rolls around and that deadline will be hitting at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday. 

With the deadline just one day away, here’s what we know about the Rodgers situation: 

  • The QB is torn over what he wants to do. The NFL’s official website reported on Friday night that Rodgers is “truly torn” about his future. Rodgers has three options — return to Green Bay, ask for a trade or retire — and it appears he can’t decide which one would be the best for him. Apparently, the four-time NFL MVP has been “going back and forth on what he wants.”
  • Rodgers possibly eyeing three AFC teams. One reason Rodgers might be going “back and forth” about his future is because it seems that he has a few options on the table that no one knew about. According to a bombshell report from Pro Football Talk that dropped on Friday, Rodgers is looking at three AFC teams — the Broncos, Titans and Steelers — and his camp already has deals in place with each team in the event that the QB should decide he wants a trade to one of those locations. 
  • Rodgers spent his weekend at a teammate’s wedding. With rumors swirling about his future, Rodgers still managed to have what looked to be a fun time over the weekend. According to Mike Silver from Bally Sports, the Packers QB was in California on Saturday where he OFFICIATED the wedding for his teammate, David Bakhtiari. Silver also reported that Packers coach Matt LaFleur was in attendance. 

The fact that Rodgers officiated a teammate’s wedding with LaFleur in attendance would seem to be a good thing for anyone looking for signs that he might stay in Green Bay. Of course, the flip side there is that if he was going to stay, it would have made sense to announce it before the wedding so that everyone didn’t spend the day wondering if he’s made a decision about his future. If he’s thinking about leaving, that’s something you’d definitely announce after the wedding so you don’t overshadow the wedding. 

The bottom line is that no seems to have any idea what Rodgers is going to do and that’s mostly likely because he doesn’t even know yet.