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Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe result, score, highlights as Spanish teenager makes US Open final

Spanish teenager Carlos Alcaraz is through to the US Open final after an epic five-set victory over USA’s Francie Tiafoe at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Friday night.

In a contest that went four hours and 22 minutes, 18-year-old Alcaraz won his third consecutive five-set match 6-7(6) 6-3 6-1 6-7(5) 6-3 to advance to the tournament decider against fifth seed Casper Ruud on Sunday.

Either Alcaraz or Rudd will become No.1 player in the world if they win their first Grand Slam title at Flushing Meadows.

It was a magnificent contest between Alcaraz and Tiafoe, with the American shading the first set in a tiebreaker despite struggling with his first serve.

But Alcaraz hit back immediately in the second set, before thrashing Tiafoe in the third and it looked like the match would be over in the fourth set.

However, Tiafoe twice fought back from a break down and saved a match point before winning the set in a breaker.

Alcaraz’s class showed in the deciding set as he got the job done despite Tiafoe going for absolutely everything and having the crowd behind him.

The US Open final will be Alcaraz’s first major decider, with Ruud playing in his second after losing to Rafael Nadal at French Open 2022.

The Sporting News followed the semi-final match live with live scores updates, highlights and commentary provided below. 

Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe final score

  1st Set 2nd Set 3rd Set 4th Set 5th Set
(3) Carlos Alcaraz 6(6) 6 6 6(5) 6
(22) Frances Tiafoe 7(8) 3 1 7(7) 3

*denotes server

Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe live blog, updates, highlights

Game, set, match Carlos Alcaraz 6-7 6-3 6-1 6-7 6-3: Pressure is telling on Tiafoe. He can’t get a first serve in. Goes 0-30. And then Alcaraz hits a ridiculous lob. 0-40. Three more match points. Tiafoe saves one with a huge serve. Alcaraz goes long on the second. BUT HE WINS IT ON THE THIRD!

Fifth set, Alcaraz holds 5-3: The first two points go to the Spaniard. He then wins his service game to love. Alcaraz one game away from the final.

Fifth set, Tiafoe holds, Alcaraz leads 4-3: Tiafoe has a game point at 40-30 but hits a double fault. Alcaraz goes long to earn a Tiafoe another game point. However, the American slaps a forehand wide. He eventually holds and stays alive. He needs to break soon though.

Fifth set, Alcaraz holds 4-2: The Spaniard holds to love and he is closing in on the final.

Fifth set, Alcaraz breaks 3-2: Alcaraz hits basically the best lob of all time to make it 0-30. It dropped on the baseline. Incredible. It’s now 0-40. Tiafoe in trouble. A double fault gives the break back to Alcaraz. This talent is just incredible.

Fifth set, Tiafoe breaks 2-2: Tiafoe manages to get 0-30. This is a huge moment. Alcaraz pulls one back with a huge forehand of the back foot. Tiafoe missed a backhand wide and it’s 30-30. Alcaraz nets to give the American a break back point. The crowd is up and about. AND HE SMASHES A RETURN WINNER. We are on serve again!

Fifth set, Tiafoe holds, Alcaraz leads 2-1: The American is still fighting. He has a comfortable service game to put the pressure back on Alcaraz.

Fifth set, Alcaraz holds 2-0: We end up at 30-30. Both players trading blows. Huge point now. Alcaraz gets it and has game point to consolidate the break. He holds. Crowd is flat.

Fifth set, Alcaraz breaks 1-0: The two combatants trade the first two points. Alcaraz nets to give Tiafoe the advantage. He just misses a forehand by inches. 30-30. The American nets while he has Alcaraz struggling. Break point. He nets again and Alcaraz breaks early.

Fifth set: Tiafoe to serve. Can he complete an amazing comeback? Will Alcaraz’s young body hold up? Or will his class shine through?

Fourth set tiebreak, Tiafoe wins it 7-5 to claim the set 7-6: LET’S GO FIVE SETS. WHY NOT? The crowd are behind Tiafoe. Huge set to come.

Fourth set tiebreak, Tiafoe leads 6-5: Set point for Tiafoe.

Fourth set tiebreak, Tied 3-3: Alcaraz gets the mini-break back with a smashing return off a second serve.

Fourth set tiebreak, Tiafoe leads 3-1: A mini-break for the American.

Fourth set: STAT – Tiafoe is 7-0 in tiebreaks at the US Open 2022.

Fourth set, Tiafoe holds 6-6: Alcaraz goes long with an unforced error to start the game. Tiafoe hits his 12th ace to make it 30-0. The Spanish prodigy hits back with a ridiculous return. 30-15. Another unforced error to Alcaraz and it’s 40-15. He holds and a tiebreaker is here.

Fourth set, Alcaraz holds 6-5: With the crowd going wild, Alcaraz calmly wins the first three points to make it 40-0. He holds and Tiafoe will serve to stay in the tournament and force a breaker.

Fourth set, Tiafoe holds 5-5: Alcaraz immediately puts the pressure on to get 0-30. Tiafoe fights to get one point back. Alcaraz goes long and it’s 30-30. The teen drills a winner on the line to get match point. Tiafoe then saves it with a drop shot. WOW! Deuce. Tiafoe holds. He is not done.

Fourth set, Alcaraz holds 5-4: Alcaraz manages to stop the Tiafoe momentum train slightly with an easy service game. He is one game away from the US Open final.

Fourth set, Tiafoe holds 4-4: The 22nd seed races to a 30-0 lead with a quality net point and a big serve. Alcaraz nets and it’s 40-0. Tiafoe crunches a forehand that Alcaraz can’t return and he holds.

Fourth set, Alcaraz holds 4-3: The teen gets the first two points from Tiafoe unforced errors. The American pulls one back. And crunches a forehand winner to make to 30-30. Alcaraz hits a smash to earn game point. He holds to 30.

Fourth set, Tiafoe holds 3-3: What a fightback from the American. He levels the fourth set. The crowd are pumped. We have a contest now.

Fourth set, Tiafoe breaks, Alcaraz leads 3-2: Wow. Tiafoe pulls out some unbelievable tennis to earn two break points. And then he smashes a return winner to get the break. FOUR BREAKS IN ROW. Can Tiafoe hold serve?

Fourth set, Alcaraz breaks 3-1: Alcaraz immediately raises his level to get it to 0-30. A huge Tiafoe serve gets one point back. But an unforced error earns Alcaraz two break points. The Spaniard goes long on one of them. Tiafoe saves the second and we are at deuce. But Alcaraz gets there in the first deuce.

Fourth set, Tiafoe breaks, Alcaraz leads 2-1: However, the American gets to 0-30 on Alcaraz’s serve. Alcaraz works his way back to 15-30. And then 30-30. Tiafoe nets and Alcaraz gets game point. He misses the tough pass and it’s deuce. Tiafoe plays an amazing return to get a break back point. AND HE GETS IT!

Fourth set, Alcaraz breaks 2-0: Tiafoe drops the first point but wins the next three to get two game points. Alcaraz saves one. And then saves the second with a brilliant cross-court pass. A missed forehand gets a break point for the teenager. And that’s the break. Long way back for Tiafoe now.

Fourth set, Alcaraz holds 1-0: The Spaniard is flying at the moment. Tiafoe worked hard that game but Alcaraz is just too good. He wins to 15.

Fourth set: Alcaraz to serve.

Third set: STAT – Alcaraz only made one unforced error in the entire third set.

Third set, Alcaraz breaks to win the set 6-1: It looks like no stopping Alcaraz now. Tiafoe’s level has dropped massively. It will take a huge turnaround for him to win this match now.

Third set, Alcaraz holds 5-1: The third seed holds to love and is now one game away from a two-sets-to-one lead.

Third set, Tiafoe holds, Alcaraz leads 4-1: Tiafoe gets on the board. He needs to build confidence for the next set.

Third set, Alcaraz holds 4-0: Tiafoe plays a magnificent passing shot to get 15-30, but nets in the next two points and it’s 40-30. Alcaraz holds via another Tiafoe unforced error.

Third set: STAT – Alcaraz is 13-0 in rallies over nine shots in length.

Third set: STAT – Alcaraz has won 12 of the first 13 points in this set.

Third set, Alcaraz breaks 3-0: Tiafoe wins first point but Alcaraz continues his momentum to get 15-30. A double fault gives Alcaraz another two break points. And he gets the double break.

Third set, Alcaraz holds 2-0: An easy game for the teenager. He consolidates the break and Tiafoe needs to lift quickly.

Third set, Alcaraz breaks 1-0: Two early errors sees Tiafoe down 0-30. Another mistake makes it 0-40. This looks bad for the American. And the Spaniard breaks to love. He edges ahead in the contest.

Third set: Tiafoe to serve.

Second set, Alcaraz holds to win the set 6-3: Tiafoe goes all-out attack and gets a look at 15-30. Gutsy play here. But a brilliant forehand from the Spaniard makes it 30-30. Tiafoe plays an incredible pass to earn a break back point. Alcaraz saves it to get deuce. Tiafoe nets and it’s set point Alcaraz. And the Spanish talent levels the match.

Second set, Tiafoe holds, Alcaraz leads 5-3:  Tiafoe serves a double fault to start the game and then finds himself 0-30 down. Alcaraz earns two set points at 15-40. Tiafoe saves one with a booming serve. And then aces the other to get deuce. The American holds on to make Alcaraz serve it out.

Second set, Alcaraz holds 5-2: The teenager races to a 30-0 lead but then drops two points for 30-30. He misses a drop shot and it’s break back point Tiafoe. The American nets and it’s saved. Alcaraz holds on second deuce. He is one game away from levelling this match.

Second set, Alcaraz breaks 4-2: Few errors from both players and we end up at 30-30. A long Tiafoe backhand earns Alcaraz a break point. But a big serve forces deuce. Another magnificent point sees Tiafoe just go long and get another break point. Alcaraz gets the break and roars in celebration.

Second set, Alcaraz holds 3-2: Alcaraz looks like he is getting his mojo back. He holds to love with an excellent display of hitting.

Second set, Tiafoe holds 2-2: Tiafoe serves a double fault and goes 0-30 down. But Alcaraz loses a point at the net and it’s back to 30-30. The American closes out the game with a drop set as Alcaraz slips.

Second set: Tiafoe’s attitude looks great in this set. Despite losing the game and an epic point to Alcaraz, he is smiling and still looks relaxed. No tension despite winning the first set.

Second set, Alcaraz holds 2-1: Alcaraz’s serve deserts him. Tiafoe gets a break point but an excellent drop shot by the Spaniard forces deuce. He then holds with an extraordinary rally.

Second set, Tiafoe holds 1-1: The American keeps the foot down and holds to love himself. Good signs that he is still focused after winning that first set.

Second set, Alcaraz holds 1-0: Despite a shank of a serve early, Alcaraz holds to love as he attempts to steady himself.

Second set: Alcaraz to serve.

First set: STAT – Tiafoe won the first set despite serving only 40% of his first serves in play. Good signs for the American.

First set tiebreak, Tiafoe wins it 8-6 to claim the set 7-6: A double fault hands Tiafoe the set on his fifth set point.

First set tiebreak, Tied 6-6: Alcaraz saves four set points.

First set tiebreak, Tiafoe leads 4-2: Tiafoe still holding the mini-break. Can he get to the finish line?

First set tiebreak, Tiafoe leads 2-1: A double fault gives the American a mini-break.

First set, Alcaraz holds 6-6: Alcaraz races to 30-0 up. He is really going for his shots. But Tiafoe gets it back to 30-30. An Alcaraz error earns a set point for Tiafoe but a quality serve doesn’t allow the American a chance to win it. Alcaraz holds with one of the best points you will ever see. Wow. Tiebreak here we come.

First set, Tiafoe holds 6-5: Despite struggling to get his first serve in, Tiafoe holds to love. The third point saw a 102mph forehead winner.

First set: STAT – Alcaraz would be the first teenager to be world No.1 if he wins the US Open. Lleyton Hewitt was the youngest top-ranked player at 20 years of age.

First set, Alcaraz holds 5-5: Tiafoe wins the first point courtesy of a loose Alcaraz backhand. At 15-15, an Alcaraz volley just catches the edge of the line. A double fault makes it 30-30. The Spaniard blasts his way to game point and holds.

First set, Tiafoe holds 5-4: Alcaraz is playing some incredible tennis. High risk. He gets 15-30 up and then has an air-swing at a Tiafoe serve. The American then gets a let cord to go 40-30 up. He holds but he is definitely under more pressure on his service games.

First set: STAT – Alcaraz has only lost four points on his service in four holds so far.

First set, Alcaraz holds 4-4: It’s a fairly even match so far. The winner of this set will be a massive moment. Tiafoe attacked early to win the first point but Alcaraz comfortably rolls off the net four points.

First set, Tiafoe holds 4-3: Alcaraz gets 0-30 up. Tiafoe composes himself to serve an ace. Alcaraz earns two break points but Tiafoe saves both, with the second on his second serve. The American then closes the game out in the first deuce. Impressive steel there.

First set, Alcaraz holds 3-3: Tiafoe nabs the first point but then Alcaraz strikes the line once again and reels off four consecutive points to hold.

First set, Tiafoe holds 3-2: But the American puts his own display of quality hitting in his service game. He looks calm as well. Tiafoe holds to 15.

First set, Alcaraz holds 2-2: Some huge hitting in this match so far. You just know there is going to be some unbelievable tennis. Alcaraz hitting the lines too. He holds to love.

First set, Tiafoe holds 2-1: Comfortable hold for Tiafoe. Alcaraz going for his shots early. No nerves apparent from either player.

First set, Alcaraz holds 1-1: The teenager was 15-30 down but works his way out of it. Some promising striking in this match early.

First set, Tiafoe holds 1-0: Alcaraz attacks Tiafoe’s second serve early. But the American manages to hold after one deuce. The crowd is behind him.

First set: We are underway at Arthur Ashe Stadium with Tiafoe serving.

Pre-match: Both players have made their way on to court. It’s 7:28pm local time and we should get underway in about 10 minutes.

Pre-match: The winner of today’s match will meet Casper Ruud in Sunday’s final. If Carlos Alcaraz progresses, the final will also be a shootout to see who becomes world No.1.

Pre-match: The crowd is filling up here at Arthur Ashe Stadium. It’s 7:17pm local time and the players aren’t on court yet.

Pre-match: Not sure who to back in this match? Check out our preview with betting odds and form for both players.  

Pre-match: Hello and welcome to The Sporting News’ live coverage of what looms to be an epic US Open semi-final clash between Carlo Alcaraz and France Tiafoe. 

Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe head-to-head results

Date Winner Score Event
April 2021 Tiafoe 6-4 7-6 (2) Barcelona Open

What time does Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe start?

The US Open semi-final between Carlos Alcaraz and France Tiafoe will be played on September 9 and is expected to start at 19:00 (local time). 

The match will follow on from the other semi-final between Casper Ruud and Karen Khachanov so could be delayed as a result. 

  US Canada UK Australia
Date September 9 September 8 September 10 September 10
Time 19:00 (ET) 19:00 (ET)  00:00 (BST) 09:00 (AEST)

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