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Fun Sex Toys to Get Your Newly Married Best Friend

Your best friend finally found the partner of her dreams and is getting married. After all these years, it’s hard to imagine such a former wild child settling down, but she’s fully committed. However, she’s still got that streak of sexual adventure in her that makes her so much fun. As a result, you may want to give her some hot sex toys and gear that will light up her new committed relationship even more.

Hot Lingerie

Great sex brings couples together in ways that shared interests cannot. A pair of hot lingerie is a fun option for your friend because she can look sexy for her new partner in various ways. Lingerie may even include things like tear-away sections that make sex even easier. Do a little shopping and identify a few options that you think your friend would love to add to her bedroom.

Bunny Vibrators

The modern world of vibrators has been revolutionized by the bunny design. These vibrators have a two-pronged style that stimulates both the vagina and the clitoris. As every woman knows, the clit is the most important part of getting off. Bunny vibrators will give your friend that exciting stimulation that she wants while pleasuring herself or letting her partner give her a little excitement.

Vibrating Underwear

There are times when your friend might be alone without her partner and need a little stimulation. Unlike her wild past, she’s fully committed to her new partner and has no interest in straying. However, a pair of vibrating panties can be a great way for her to pleasure herself while he’s gone. These panties fit just like normal underwear but vibrate for the kind of exciting self-pleasure that she deserves while he’s away from the house.

The Kama Sutra

While your gal pal has pretty much tried everything under the sun in bed, the Kama Sutra is still the go-to guide for outrageous and adventurous sex positions. Why not get her a copy suited to her sexual preference? For example, the standard copy focuses mostly on heterosexual positions, though new versions by different authors can provide great lesbian sex position suggestions as well. There are even multi-partner options if they want to get really exciting.

Double-Ended Vibrator

A double-ended vibrator can be a girl’s best friend, no matter what her partner’s preference. For example, it’s a wonderful option for a lesbian couple because it provides simultaneous stimulation that helps bring them closer together as people. However, even a heterosexual couple can use one if they’re clever enough. We’ll leave it to your imagination to guess how they might be used, though we’re sure she can think of some fun ways to try them out.

Bottle of Lubricant

If your girl loves sex and is likely to have plenty of it after getting married, you might want to get her a bottle of lubricant. While she may have plenty of natural options to consider, lubricant can not only help make her sex smoother but also provide extra stimulation. The options here are endless, depending on her sexual preferences and her partner’s overall experience.

Make Her Birthday Sexy

If your best needs a little kickstart to her sex life and you need some help finding presents that will work for her, consider these saucy gifts as a fun way to start. They should be easy enough to find online or in various brick-and-mortar sex shops near you. Why not get her a gift basket of hot items for her bachelorette party? You never know how she and her new partner will use them.