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Some Facts About Plastic Postcard Mailer

If you want to maximize your response rates, consider using a plastic postcard mailer. This versatile piece of mailer can be used for a variety of purposes, and its double-sided nature allows you to double your target audience’s impact. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for marketing campaigns and client acquisition programs. To find out more about this versatile piece of the mailer, continue reading! We’ll go over some facts about plastic postcard mailers that will make your decision easier.

Resistant to UV Light

A plastic card mailer resistant to UV light is an excellent marketing tool. It provides a durable, attractive mail piece for various purposes, including client acquisition mailings. Aside from its protection from UV light, a plastic card mailer is also resistant to heat, flame, and chemical attacks. This type of plastic is also challenging and blends well with fibers. For this reason, plastic postcards are often the preferred choice for marketing campaigns and client acquisition mailings.

A plastic card mailer from UV-resistant materials protects valuable trading cards from the sun’s harmful rays. The material used in these mailers is made of acrylic or polystyrene with a UV-absorbing additive. These materials are highly durable and can withstand repeated mailings. Moreover, the protection provided by UV-resistant materials means that your card will remain beautiful and bright for many years to come.

Resistant to Abrasion

There are two basic ways to determine whether a product is resistant to abrasion: hardness and its included angle. Hardness measures how easily a material will be eroded or worn away by an abrasive substance. The included angle of abrasive material is the included angle (indent py depth/hardness vs. included angle). Hardness is also measured as the percentage loss in mass.

The idealized contact scenarios used to determine material abrasion resistance are yielding, cracking, and average load. The failure modes involve fracture formation and are characterized by L-shaped curves. Both of these scenarios are used to determine the material’s abrasion resistance. In the case of hardness, H3/E-2 and Gc are preferred coordinates for direct contact with no friction.

Resistant to Chemicals

Resistance to chemicals on plastic card mailers is a crucial characteristic that enables manufacturers to choose the best materials for mailing products. In addition, the list includes the chemical resistance of the product, the temperature at which the chemical is absorbed, the duration, and the mechanical load. 

Resistant to Liquid Damages

A high-gloss or matt finish is given to plastic postcard mailers to ensure the materials withstand harsh conditions and postal equipment. In addition, the printing technology in PVC postcard mailers ensures that high-quality graphics and texts are printed on the materials. Resistant to abrasion and liquid damages, these postcards are ideal for marketing campaigns and client acquisition mailings. However, the plastic postcards are not entirely waterproof. If they get wet, they should be thoroughly dried before storing them.

Easy to Customize

A custom plastic card mailer is a great marketing tool. It is an excellent option for restaurants, auto dealerships, spas and salons, chiropractors, and more. Depending on your business type, you can choose to provide a dollar amount discount, percentage off, or buy one get one free offer. These plastic cards can be used to encourage customer loyalty and increase sales. In addition to postcard mailers, you can also choose to add a QR code, scratch-off area, or variable data. Using optional mailing services saves on postage costs.

One of the main benefits of using this mailing piece is that it is easy to track. You can use these to advertise small or large businesses. They also allow you to deliver the information that your customers want. You can send out coupons, membership cards, and frequent buyer cards in addition to your promotional materials. Custom plastic postcards are an excellent way to attract new customers to your business. In addition to being an economical marketing tool, they can serve as an eye-catching display piece for your business.