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The Latest Trends in Solventless Products

This article focuses on the latest trends in solventless products and the market growth potential for these products. It also examines the key players in the market and their strategies. In addition, it explores the shelf life of solventless products. For additional information, please visit the solventless concentrate Los Angeles. These are just a few key factors when launching a solventless product.

Market Growth

The growth of the global solventless market is likely to be driven by the growing demand for solventless extracts in the pharmaceutical industry. This new market segment has the potential to become a lucrative one if developed properly. The report also examines the competitive landscape, technological trends, and regulatory requirements to determine the market’s future growth. This analysis will help diagnostic instruments and consumable suppliers develop more efficient strategies. The report also provides consumption tables for different types and applications of solventless resins. In addition, the report breaks down the global Solventless market by geographic region. It covers North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

By geography, APAC is expected to account for over 30% of the global Solventless market in 2021. Emerging economies such as China and India are driving the growth of this market. As a result, many global players are expanding their regional presence. In addition, the market’s growth will also be fueled by the rising demand for Solventless Resins in the automotive industry.

Strategies of Key Players

Solventless cannabis products are rapidly becoming mainstream. Once considered a niche segment for cannabis connoisseurs, they are now attracting every type of consumer. To capitalize on this growth, brands must offer solventless products in multiple SKUs and have a well-defined marketing strategy.

Solventless production is also much more cost-effective than closed-loop extraction systems. But it’s important to consider your business’s financial and sales projections to determine how much money you can realistically expect to make. Solventless production can quickly pay for itself when the market for the product is high enough.

An array of new technologies characterizes today’s solventless market. Using heat, pressure, ice, or water to extract cannabis oil, solventless products preserve the terpenes while leaving the plant’s other constituents intact. This makes solventless products popular with cannabis purists and a growing number of consumers looking for a whole plant experience.

Growing Demand for Solventless Concentrates

Solventless concentrates can be an attractive business model for the cannabis industry. This type of product offers a variety of benefits to consumers. The first is the lack of exposure to harmful chemicals, a concern for some patients. The second is the growing demand for solventless extracts, which is expected to rise.

A recent study by BDSA, a marijuana industry research firm, shows that the demand for solventless concentrates is increasing. The company estimates that by 2021, solventless concentrates will generate over $160 million in sales. As the demand for solventless concentrates grows, more companies will offer proprietary products. In addition, to dabble concentrates, many brands are now producing solventless vape cartridges and edibles.

Solventless extraction methods are safer and more efficient than solvent-based methods. Moreover, solvent-free processes require no hazardous chemicals. Moreover, solvent-free concentrates can be produced at scale, one of the major benefits of using these products.

Shelf Life of Products

Solventless products require careful storage to extend their shelf life. Generally, they should be stored in a freezer to maintain optimal purity and potency. Solventless cannabis concentrates have a longer shelf life than their solvent counterparts. However, some factors can affect their shelf life.

One of the most important factors to consider is the type of solvent that is used. Solventless products are more environmentally friendly. They can last up to two years in a refrigerator. In contrast, solvent extracts are made using a hydrocarbon solvent, like purified butane gas. Both methods, however, are safe and have a similar shelf life.

Safety of Solventless Products

Solventless products have the advantage of being safer to use compared to solvents that have explosive properties. However, there are concerns about the toxicants present in these products. These compounds extract butane hash oil, propane hash oil, and CO2 distillate. Therefore, proper ventilation and safety precautions must be followed for these compounds to be safely extracted. Extraction of these products also requires specialized water services.

Solventless products gained popularity after the vaping crisis in 2019. Hundreds of people were hospitalized after ingesting vapes that contained additives. According to Aaron Nino, director of the production at Camp, a Nevada cannabis retailer, the demand for solventless products tripled after the vaping crisis. The demand for solventless products is projected to grow by 17.6% in the five legal states by 2021.